7 Types and Functions of An Ombudsman

An official is appointed who investigates complaints, made by citizens, independently, impartially and confidentially, learn everything about an ombudsman and its 7 types

The word “Ombudsman” evolved from the Swedish ombudsman, signifying “the legal representative”. Initially, the Swedish legislature made the designation of the ombudsperson in early 1800, with the translation of ombudsperson as “the official investigator of citizen complaints”. This person was acknowledged as “the person of legal capabilities and superior virtue.”

Understanding Ombudsman

The following are the duties of ombudsman;

  • Dealing complaints,
  • Analyzing or investigating at his/her own discretion and initiative,
  • Examining violations reports of uprightness, and
  • Rendering ample information.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Ombudsman?


  • An autonomous system, i.e., independent from government,
  • Reports get proclaimed while addressing methodical issues emerging under an agency or while deploying a government program,
  • Improper practices could be corrected, and
  • An ombudsman of the state may provide reconciliation along with impartial investigation


  • The accuser has no command on the investigation, that means an ombudsman doesn’t only for accuser only, and decline deal over some specific matters,
  • Specific decisions, made by an ombudsman, are not obligatory, and
  • The Federation ombudsman can provide only investigation, not reconciliation. ( Also read: What is the Federal Reserve System?)

7 Types of Ombudsman

  1. Organizational Ombudsman

2. Classical Ombudsman

3. Advocate Ombudsman

4. Hybrid Ombudsman

5. Legislative Ombudsman

6. Executive Ombudsman

7. Media Ombudsman

To understand more about these types of Ombudsman and their functions, follow the link,

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