An Overview to Computer Vision That’s Redefining Surveillance | Analytics Steps

Sketching Computer Vision

How Does a Computer Vision Function?

Computer vision can help in;

  • Face Recognition: Face -detection algorithms are applied to filter and identify an individual in the pictures, especially used by Snapchat and Facebook. (If talking about face recognition, have a look at similar technology: What is Deepfake Technology and how it may be harmful?)
  • Image Retrieval: In order to search relevant images on the basis of content-based inquiries like in Google Images, the algorithm first examines the content in the inquiry image and then give outputs depending upon best-matched content.
  • Smart Cars: Computer Vision is the elementary pool of information when you want to catch traffic lights and signals and other visual appearances.
  • Biometric Systems: Some of the commonly deployed methods in the biometric description such as fingerprint, iris, and face matching.
  • Surveillance: It is the most beneficial application, Surveillance cameras are omnipresent at each public location that is used to observe doubtful activities.

Applications of Computer Vision

  1. To diagnose lung cancer finer than human radiologists, experts can build an AI that deploys computer vision and finds out cancer tumors from CT scan images.
  2. It can also identify other forms of cancer and diseases with higher perfection than humans, this kind of practice prevents patients from late detection of cancer and provides treatment on time.

Law and Order

  1. In order to scan live footage of public places to figure out suspicious behavior or to identify injurious objects,
  2. Any kind of doubtful patterns or activities that indicate any illegal action by an individual depending upon prior data, and
  3. To search huddles of people to mark the existence of an individual of interest or wanted persons of the concerned officers, also to prevent crimes.
Applications of the Computer Vision


  1. IoT is transforming the manufacturing field and creating methods more automated and computer vision helps in improving them,
  2. Computer Vision can analyze manufactured items for imperfections and non-compliance.

Customer Experience

  1. Computer Vision can provide, in retail, beneficial interferences into customer behavior, and helping both upselling and cross-selling.
  2. By adding significant information to the user’s profile depending on visual data from smart telematics devices.
  3. Predicting issues earlier that enables customer care teams to evade complaints and churn.


  1. Situational awareness in the military heavily depends on image-based sensors in order to convey arena-intelligence, used for complex decision-making,
  2. In automated vehicles to navigate disputed terrain and identify adversaries, and
  3. For supporting drivers and pilots and allowing them to escape enemy troops.

How Computer Vision is Redefining Surveillance?

A glimpse of computer Vision technology
  • Also, in the eyes of the current crisis marked with terrorist attacks, the prevention of transportation systems has one of the major issues across the world, that can be addressed with computer vision.
  • Basically, surveillance components are pictorial that is handled by us at a huge scale, even the diagnosing and cross-examination of these components are time-consuming and maintenance is quite expensive, computer vision helps us to overcome these issue.




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